U16 Goalkeeper Guidelines

Framework for Player Development

Soccer Definitions:

-Technique/Technical: A player’s ability with the ball, a certain skill set (dribbling, passing, shooting, receiving).  
-Tactics/Tactical: Decision Making (both individual decision making and group decision making).
-Dribbling: The art of keeping the ball close to you as you run or walk.
-Receiving: Settling, stopping, or directing the ball as it comes to you.
U16 Goalkeeper
TECHNIQUE:           Footwork / Set position / General handling techniques
Shot stopping / catch or deflect / recovery saves
All Dives
Collapse / Step and save / Power step and save
Narrowing the angle
Served from all areas/angles unopposed & opposed
Distribution –
Improved range / power / variation - all techniques
Goal kicks / Volleys / ½ Volleys
Dealing with the back pass under pressure –control & first touch with both feet, variation of
TACTICS:      Support - Angles / Distance
Communication – working with the defensive unit - recognizing
pressure on and of the ball
Making adjustments to stay in line with the ball (footwork)
Organization in defending set plays - free kicks and corner kicks
PHYSICAL:  Warm-ups and Cool-downs
Stretching, flexibility, mobility and strengthening exercises
Plyometric exercises
Recovery exercises
Agility exercises – low intensity / low repetitions
Weight training – low weights/high reps
Footwork all directions (all goalkeeping movements)
Speed – 20-yards maximum
Check height/weight and vertical leap 4 times per year
Check body fat
MENTAL:      Training and match preparation
Dealing with competition
Physical confrontations
Dealing with pressure – internal/external
Dealing with both success and failure