Recreational Soccer FAQ's

Which program should I participate in-recreational soccer, Academy, or Competitive?
Ancient City Soccer Club offers a variety of programs put in place to meet everyone’s needs. Please look at the overview of each program to see what will fit your child best.
In addition, there are many other programs that ACSC offers to fulfill your family’s every soccer need throughout the year.  ACSC offers summer and winter camps and indoor soccer during the offseason.   
When are the soccer seasons?
The Fall soccer season starts with practices in mid August and the first weekend of games is usually in the beginning of September and lasts into November.  The Spring season will pick up again with practices beginning in mid February and games starting at the beginning of March and lasts through May.

Am I placed on a new team between the Fall and Spring Seasons? 
No, everyone remains on the same team for the fall and spring seasons.

How long is the season?
All U5-U12 recreational teams play all of their games at Gamble Rogers Middle School. The season is 9-10 games over 10 weeks.
All U13 and older teams are in the North Florida Youth Soccer League and their season is 9-10 games over 10 weeks.
What are the age groups?
ACSC offers soccer teams from 4-19 years old.  See the "Age Group" link under "Registration and Tryouts" on the home page.
*Players must 4 years old by July 31st of that year to play per Florida Youth Soccer Association policy.
What are the age groups for teams?
U5 and U6 kids play in the same age group, U7 and U8 are in their own separate age group each.  U9 and U10 kids play in the same age group.  U11 and U12 kids play in the same age group.  U13 and older teams are formed based on demand.  For example, if ACSC only has eight U15 players and eight U16 players they will be put together to form a U16 recreational team.  
Are the teams coed?
Recreational teams are coed in U5/U6, U9/U10, and U11/U12.  For U7/U8 teams, we typically have enough players to have several all-girls or all-boys teams.  Girls have the option of playing with all girls at U13.  Girls should specify whether they would like to be on a coed or girls team at U13 and older and ACSC will do its best to accomodate all requests.  Academy teams are not coed.
What do the fees cover?
ACSC is a not for profit organization.  Fees go to field maintenance, field equipment, FYSA player and volunteer registration, insurance, uniforms, referees, and administration.
When does registration end?
Registration for the Fall and Spring Season ends in early September.  Mid-season registration opens in November and closes in early February.
How are the teams formed?
Teams are formed based on requests to the best of ACSC’s ability.  After requests are taken into consideration, teams are formed based on age and gender to create evenly balanced teams. (i.e. on a U6 team we try and place three girls and three boys, half who are U5 players and half who are U6 players)
Can I request coaches and teammates?
There is a “REQUEST” section in the online registration that ACSC honors to the best of our ability.  Many times a team is already full that has been requested.  Those that register earlier have a better chance of having requests honored. 
When will I hear from my child’s coach?
As soon as registration ends, we start to form the teams. The coaches meeting for each season is about 3-4 weeks before the season starts – that is typically when the rosters are completed.  In the case that we have too many teams and not enough coaches, your team will be contacted by the club Director Casey O'Linn or the club registrar to let you know of the situation and to find a coach!
How are the coaches decided?
In the recreational program, coaches are volunteer parents who give up their time for the good of the kids. If you are interested, please contact the Casey O'Linn at or click on the box when registering your child that you want to coach.  ACSC is always in need of coaches and you do not need to have played the game or coached in the past to help out with your child’s team.
Is there training or help for volunteer coaches?
ACSC Director of Coaching offers coaching courses at the beginning of each season and is always available to assist with practices or games.  ACSC also partners with Florida Youth Soccer Association and National Soccer Coaches Association of America in offering coaching courses.
When do practices start?
Teams start practicing in the middle to the end of August and in mid February for the start of the spring season.
Practice location, day, and time are decided by the coach.
When and how do I get my uniform?
Uniforms will be given to each team’s coach for distribution to the team.  Uniforms are usually ready a week before the Fall Season starts.
What can I do to help out other than coach?
ACSC is run through registration fees, team and club scholarships, and donations.  Two types of sponsorships are team sponsorships, where ACSC puts your company name or logo on the uniform of your child’s team or club sponsorships where a we honor a gift from you with a sign at the soccer complex recognizing your support.  Contact us at if you are interested in sponsoring ACSC.